People often look up
beautiful sight-seeing locations around the world, but that’s so cliché.
Instead, we thought we’d share with you some of the more mysterious
destinations in Asia. Places that will not only visually stun you but also
confuse your brain and make you feel either amazed or frightened or both. Some
of these places are full of legends and myths, others are so shrouded in
mystery there’s literally no explanation for them, not even a made-up one.

Wat Rong Khun, Thailand

This is one of the most bizarre Temples you’ll see in Thailand. It was designed by Charlemchai Kositpipat, a Thai visual artist. It’s basically a work of art but it’s so weird and mysterious you might get creeped out. The Temple is completely white, yet full of weird sculptures, murals of Hollywood celebs, arms reaching out from the ground, skulls hanging in weird places and skeletal figures all around. It’s pretty eerie if you ask me.

Wat Rong Khun, Thailand  |  9 Of The Most Mysterious Destinations In Asia | BrainBerries

Mustang Caves, Nepal

The Mustang caves in
Nepal are wrapped in mystery. They’re situated in one of the most isolated
places in the Himalayas, the landscape there is very different from the rest of
Nepal, and there are 10 000 caves in a completely vertical rock formation. How
were they created? What was the purpose? Some think they were burial grounds,
others believe they were living quarters, but no one knows for sure.

Mustang Caves, Nepal |  9 Of The Most Mysterious Destinations In Asia | BrainBerries

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Myanmar

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is a
famous yet mysterious Buddhist site in Burma. It’s essentially a massive Golden
Rock balanced on the edge of a cliff. It looks like it’s defying the laws of
gravity. It’s not clear how this is possible and how did that rock end up there
and why does it remain there without budging, but the legend says it’s
balancing on Budhha’s single hair.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Myanmar |  9 Of The Most Mysterious Destinations In Asia | BrainBerries

Yonaguni Ruins, Japan

If you like stories
about Atlantis, Yonaguni Ruins in Japan are definitely something you’ll find
interesting. They were discovered in 1995 and at first, were thought to be a
natural underwater formation. But later it turned out that they were actually
the remains of an ancient civilization. Those pyramids are man-made, it used to
be a city. But why is it underwater or how and when did it get there? That
remains a mystery.

Yonaguni Ruins, Japan |  9 Of The Most Mysterious Destinations In Asia | BrainBerries

Plain Of Jars, Laos

So get this, there’s an
area in Laos that has over 2000 stone jars just left in the field. They’re just
there, no one knows how they got there or why but they’ve been there for ages.
Some people theorize that it’s an ancient burial ground, others think they were
just used to brew rice wine. But the actual reason remains a mystery. This area
was even bombed in WWII yet many of the stone jars survived.

Plain Of Jars, Laos  |  9 Of The Most Mysterious Destinations In Asia | BrainBerries

Magnetic Hill, Ladakh, India

There’s a mysterious road in India. When you look at it, it seems like a hill, and all the cars are driving up. But when you’re actually there and driving a car you’re going downhill. Back in the day, it was believed that this is the road to heaven, but in reality, it’s more likely just a magnetic field that makes it look like that or one of those real-life optical illusions.

Magnetic Hill, Ladakh, India | 9 Of The Most Mysterious Destinations In Asia | BrainBerries

Tianmen Mountain, China

This mystical mountain
is definitely a sight to behold and it’s quite mysterious. There are dangerous
winding roads, 99 curves to symbolize the 9 places in heaven and 1000 steps
that you have to climb to read the cavern that is believed to be the Gateway to
Heaven. Locals believe this place to be truly mystical.

Tianmen Mountain, China |  9 Of The Most Mysterious Destinations In Asia | BrainBerries

8. Masuda-No-Iwafume, Japan

There’s a very
mysterious rock structure in the forest in Asuka, Japan. It’s still unknown how
it came into existence. It doesn’t appear to be a natural formation and
definitely looks like it was shaped by humans. It’s a carved mound with two
holes in the center that go all the way to the ground. No one knows what’s the
purpose of this ancient structure and it’s also unclear how it was shaped since
ancient tools wouldn’t be able to do this.

Masuda-No-Iwafume, Japan  |  9 Of The Most Mysterious Destinations In Asia | BrainBerries

9. Fengdu Ghost City, China

If you want a truly mysterious place to visit, this ghost city might be your best choice. It’s a city that is thought to be built sometime during the Han Dynasty. It consists of a series of shrines, monasteries and temples dedicated to the afterlife. It’s also meant to be the gateway to the afterlife. There are three tests you’re supposed to pass within the city: the Bridge of Helplessness, Ghost Torturing Pass, and Last Glance at Home Tower. If you safely pass these you will be allowed into the afterlife.

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