new year usually means loads of exciting new movies to look forward
to. This year will have something for everyone, and probably multiple
movies for most people.

can be hard to keep up with all these movies coming out, so I’ll
give you a small overview below.

Disney live-action remakes are usually a hit or miss. There have been some amazingly good ones and some downright disappointing ones (looking at you, Dumbo). Mulan looks like it could be one of the good ones, so here’s to hoping!

Gozilla vs. Kong

mean, it’s a giant gorilla fighting a weird dragon-like creature
that shoots nuclear fire. Don’t watch this for the plot, is what
I’m saying.

Woman 1984

sequel to the first DC movie that was worth watching and put them a
few steps closer to competing with the MCU. It seems like we’re in
for an action-packed ride once more!


remake of the sci-fi classic movie from the 80’s. This is much
anticipated has a huge cast to support it, which means they probably
aren’t taking any shortcuts.

Time To Die

James Bond movie, and also the last one with Daniel Craig. Even if it
won’t be as good as it can be, it’ll be a special movie

Gun: Maverick

one was really asking for a new Top Gun movie, but I guess the
original Bromance movie was one that actually deserved a sequel. Tom
Cruise is back as Tom Cruise, but this time he flies fighter jets.


the combination “Vin Diesel” and “superhero movie” seems odd,
Bloodshot is the one franchise that’s surrealistic enough to make
Vin Diesel work. The plot looks as thin as the special effects are
good, so probably another movie you won’t be watching for the plot.
It’ll be fun though.


Christopher Nolan movie is always a must watch. This “James Bond
meets Inception” movie seems like it’ll suffer the same defect as
most Nolan movies: trying to make the plot too deep and unique. That
said, the premise and the cast are exciting to say the least!


Probably most anticipated for what it implies: this will be the first Marvel movie that is an official part of the MCU Phase 4. There’s no telling what Black Widow will do that will shape events for several movies to come, but we can’t wait to find out!

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