Science fiction movies have been known for decades as the movies that
age the worst. Especially once the period of time they’re trying to
predict comes along and we realise that it looks nothing like what
that movie envisioned, the premise falls entirely flat. And while
some movies might have just gotten caught up with time, other movies
in the genre are just flat-out bad.

Since we’re all looking for new things to watch in quarantine,
here’s a few of the worst science fiction movies ever made. And I’m
not talking about the B-movie, niche films either.

Battlefield Earth

I mean, a movie written by the Scientology church leader L. Ron
Hubbard is always going to raise some eyebrows. Having John Travolta
with dreadlocks in your movie will raise a few more. The acting and
costumes will probably raise whichever eyebrow was left unraised.
It’s a bad movie, but so bad it’s almost hilarious. Almost.

Robocop 3

When talking about Robocop, no one ever mentions the third. First of
all, it’s a different actor. No Peter Weller is no Robocop, really.
Second of all, it was just downright bad. So many things were wrong
with this movie and so many things chanced form the first two movies
that this one goes down in history as one of the worst sci-fi movies
of all time.

Jason X

No one was expecting much from a movie that’s basically Friday the
13th in space, but even those people were left emptyhanded. Jason
Voorhees gets a sci-fi upgrade and wipes out an entire space ship in
this weird “is it good or not” sci-fi/horror flick. If you like
your movies full of cheesy oneliners, you might appreciate this.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

No one hired Eddie Murphy in the 90s to end up with a movie that
barely broke 4 million dollars in the box office. It’s no wonder
this movie was one of the biggest financial failures in cinema and it
made Eddie Murphy pretty much unhirable for quite a while. And yes,
the movie is so bad that the numbers are actually warranted.

Alone in the Dark

If you play video games and I speak the name “Uwe Boll”, you know
what’s coming. Uwe has a habit of making bad movies out of video
games and his movies are generally hated by pretty much everyone.
Alone in the Dark is the most Uwe Boll movie of them all. It’s just
a bad movie from start to finish and everywhere in between.


Dwayne Johnson isn’t exactly known for starring in Oscar-worthy
movies, but Doom really was a low point for that man’s
career. Granted, no one plays the video game for the story so it
wasn’t to be expected that the movie would have a plotline worth a
dang, but it’s just a cringeworthy experience to watch.

Batman & Robin

Even superhero movies can be horribly bad. Batman & Robin
is probably the movie that ruined DC superhero movies until
Christopher Nolan came along, but this movie had none of the charm
and wackiness that Tim Burton’s earlier Batman movies had. Even
George Clooney couldn’t save this movie, and George was the guy to
hire back in 1997.

After Earth

While this movie was made to redeem Will Smith’s recent career in the eyes of the general public and relaunch the acting career of his son, Jaden Smith, the movie pushed both of them (and director M. Night Shyamalan) deeper into the hole they were already in. The acting is bad, the storyline is boring, the visuals are uninspired … It’s bad.

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