We know
that movies, TV shows, and many other interactive media have taken a
massive hit from the COVID pandemic. But nobody even thought twice
about the printed media like tabloids and magazines, which usually
thrive on exclusive photos of celebs. And since you can’t gather the
photo crew that easily, Robert Pattinson was forced to find a
creative solution for his GQ magazine shoot.

from the start, you may notice that the actor has this ruggedly look
on his face. Almost as if he’s been self-isolating for weeks.
Clearly, this quarantine doesn’t agree with him, but hey, you gotta
make that moolah somehow!

asked by the GQ magazine to shoot a few pics of himself, Pattinson
could not refuse. And here are the results!

if you saw me right now, I’m doing just as fine, and look even more
extravagant than the future Batman!

so sad to see Rob getting stuck in his London home with a bottle
of… not-beer? Hey, we don’t know what’s in it.

cereal, tissues, and some small, and of
course, bored-to-death Pattinson.

you know how I can tell this whole photoset was staged (not that
there are unstaged
He’s wearing white, and there are no beer cans on the couch. Everyone
knows that’s the only way to survive a lockdown.

this just steam or something more potent? He does look a bit dazed
and confused, but who wouldn’t be?

this is a pretty cool shot, I have to admit. Is this his bathroom
cabinet or a fridge?

doesn’t mope around. Why do that when you have a whole house to
yourself? Enjoy the break!

fabulous attire can be a prop from one of the three projects he was
working on before the quarantine hit.

a picture of future Batman wearing flip-flops. You’re welcome!

the way, because of this role, Robert has to follow a specific diet,
which is probably not that easy in quarantine. And that’s on top of
daily workout routine, which, by his admission, he does not do.

the way, on May 13, Robert turned 34, so happy belated birthday!

Will this lockdown ruin more movies in the nearest future? Let’s hope not because I need my annual Marvel fix.

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