It’s hard to believe that “Modern Family” has already finished airing. We will miss the Dunphy shenanigans, especially the sweet and lovable nerd — Alex. Ariel Winter had been playing the middle sibling for over ten years, ever since she was 11 years old. And look at her now. Wow! Over the years, Ariel has turned from a bright young starlet into a Hollywood diva right in front of our eyes.

Before she started making witty jokes on the series about the modern American family, Ariel was already an incredibly busy child actress. She got into the spotlight and took on many projects at a very young age in the past. They were mostly voice-acting gigs, but Ariel loved doing it. One of these projects was the 2008 movie Speed Racer, where she played the young Trixie. At the age of 10, Ariel was already visiting red carpet events and posing for the cameras wearing a charming gold dress with high heels.

But that all changed when the young actress landed a role the following year that would make her a household name. Like Alex Dunphy, Ariel is quite witty, especially when compared to her other family members. Alex’s scenes have always been a highlight of the series, and fans have seen Ariel go from a tiny 11-year-old girl to a full-fledged 22-year-old young woman who knows how to present herself on the red carpet and always looks so level-headed in any interview. 

Fans really couldn’t believe her transformation when they saw her at the Spotify Best New Artist 2020 party on January 23, wearing a gorgeous, form-fitting white dress that accentuated her curves.

Naturally, to get such a stunning result, Ariel had to work hard for it. She wasn’t just born with those forms! Well, apparently, at a certain point, when her body started to overdevelop, Ariel decided to undergo plastic surgery in order to lessen her burden, so to speak. Yes, she had breast reduction surgery, and it really reinvigorated the young starlet. Ever since the middle seasons of the Modern Family, Ariel had to wear special clothes that would somewhat flatten her chest and keep the viewers focused on the scene.

Either way, in the last couple of years, Ariel Winter has been popping up here and there in movies and TV shows, but her most important achievement so far has been finding that second half everyone’s always looking for. She met Luke Benward sometime before December 2019 because that’s when the couple was first spotted in public. The two have been inseparable: going on vacations together, raising a pack of adorable dogs, and just being cute together. Luke is for sure the One. At least that’s what Ariel is hoping for.

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