Movie tonalities don’t
always match what you’d quite expect. Some movies can start off very happy but
end up making you feel like a horrible human being by the time they’re done.
Other movies, like the ones we’ll be discussing below, have the opposite
effect. They create a world so dark and grim it’s almost depressing to watch,
but manage to shine a light through the darkness.

Let’s take a look at
some of those movies.

12 Years A Slave

I mean, if watching
slavery in 2020 doesn’t make you root for the slave, you’re probably not understanding
the world as well as you should. Having him return to his family at the end of
the movie is a moment that simply lifts the soul.

The Butler

From a cotton field
worker to a butler at the White House that gets to meet the first black
president later in his life. A typical from rags to riches story, but so
wonderfully told.

Good Will Hunting

This timeless classic
is just one of the best stories about someone with no hope for a bright future
making a better life for themselves. The movie ends with Will leaving his old
life – sometimes that’s all the happy ending you need.

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