genders have been considered the most elementary of divisions between
people for ages, we’ve recently come to understand that like many
other aspects of a personality, you can’t quite put everyone in the
“yes” or “no” box. It’s kind of like how you can be
religious or atheist, but there’s still differences in how you
choose to (not) believe in God. See, that’s easy how you can
explain to your conservative catholic children that some people are
just not comfortable with having the same label as other people just
because they have the same biological gender.

fact, there’re some celebrities that also don’t identify as
purely a man or a woman. Let’s take a look at who.


has apparently been struggling with their gender for most of their
life, so they recently outed themselves as non-binary. In case it
wasn’t obvious from the previous sentence, they also use the
them/they pronouns.


Ruby Rose feeling like a boy for most of her life, she has come to
terms with her female body. She feels like she’s neither male nor
female, and she feels happy that way.

Van Ness

“Queer Eye” star considers himself to be gender nonconforming.
One day he feels more like a man, and the next day he’ll feel more
like a woman. And that’s fine.

Kate Dillon

John Wick: Chapter 3 star was more than eager to put their own
experiences as a non-binary person into their character for the


Amandla – Rue from the Hunger Games – has come out as gay and
non-binary, she doesn’t feel the need to use they/them pronouns.
She claimed that using them despite not needing them would be
detrimental to the people that do need them to feel comfortable in
their own skin.

Bex Taylor-Klaus

has had many roles in Hollywood so far and openly identifies as trans
non-binary. They consider themselves to be a chameleon, able to look
like whatever gender they want.


This trans non-binary star feels like the world isn’t ready to understand what it means to be non-binary yet. They might be more right than we’re willing to admit, sadly. They also claims that people often misgender them, which they consider to be slightly irritating.

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