A Russian artist, Vadim Dvoeglazov, also known as @dvglzv, posted on Instagram a selection of his own covers for the Mandalorian series, which were created in this old-school, retro comic book style of the 80s’.

When you look at these covers, the nostalgia for the good old childhood days may take you over, but that’s okay. You’re allowed to get sappy once in a while. It’s like you’ve been transported back to that one comic book store on the corner of the street. You can’t really buy any of the hundreds of comics there, but you sure as hell can admire the covers and fantasize about what the story is about.

In the case with the Mandalorian, Dvoeglazov depicted the main characters and events of each of the eight episodes. If you’ve seen the show, these covers will serve as a fantastic refresher!

Chapter 1: The Mandalorian

This is where we get to meet Mando and get a glimpse of Baby Yoda.

Chapter 2: The Child

Who’s this 50-year-old baby and why does the Empire want it so badly?

Chapter 3: The Sin

Fellow Mandalorians come to the rescue!

Chapter 4: Sanctuary

A peaceful settlement of farmers is attacked by SOMETHING! What will Mando do?

Chapter 5: The Gunslinger

Going up against the #1 sharpshooter in the galaxy will not be easy.

Chapter 6: The

Breaking someone out of a prison can lead to one’s own demise. But it’s okay, Baby Yoda ex Machina will save Mando!

Chapter 7: The

Back to Navarro! Will the nanny droid betray Mando and give the child to the Imps?

Chapter 8:

The grand finale. Mando vs Moff Gideon. A jet-pack. More sacrifice. All that makes for a damn good episode.

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