is said that each person has at least seven doppelgangers somewhere
out there in the world. There are only so many gene combinations, and
after thousands of years of procreating, there are bound to be a few
copies of each one of us. So it is not surprising that there are a
bunch of Russian celebs who look almost identical as some Hollywood
stars. Or maybe it’s the other way around, who knows?

are 8 Russian and American celebrities who like two drops of water.

Matt Damon and Garik Kharlamov

this Garik Kharlamov has been aware of his resemblance to the “Good
Will Hunting”
star, Matt Damon, for years. It is uncanny how
similar they are, especially when Damon puts on his glasses.

Sarah Jessica Parker and

star of “Sex and the City” is an unquestionable icon
of style and beauty. A slender body, luxurious hair, piercing blue
eyes, a brilliant smile – it’s all SJP. But it turns out that there
is a Russian celeb who could challenge Sarah. Her name is Yulia
Kovalchuk, and she looks almost exactly like 2000 Sarah Jessica

Colin Farrell and Piotr Fedorov

is often called the Russian Colin Farrell, and you can see why. He’s
not as awesome and doesn’t have an ounce of
Colin’s charisma, but those expressive eyebrows, strong-willed chin,
that five-o’clock shadow makes them look suspiciously similar.

Grace Kelly and

Russians have pointed out that Yulia
Vysotskaya closely resembles Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. Both
women came to the forefront, thanks to their successful acting
careers. Kelly became a Princess, and Julia married the famous
Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky.

Antonio Banderas and Vladimir Mashkov

smoldering desperado, Antonio Banderas, has seen his fair share of
doppelgangers, but none of them looked as good as Vladimir Mashkov.
In his youth, Mashkov was very similar to young Antonio Banderas. And
we all know that that’s the only age that counts.

Robert De Niro and Gennady Khazanov

Khazanov has a staggering resemblance to Robert De Niro, and both men
love working with the camera. Do you think that’s a coincidence, or
is it hardcoded into their genes?

Johnny Depp and Dima Bilan

Bilan is a Russian pop star who used to be super famous. Pretty much
like Johnny Depp, right? I’m sorry to say that, but he’s old now.
Either way, when Bilan was rocking a stylish beard, fans immediately
noticed he looked a lot like Johnny Depp.

Jared Padalecki and Alexei Chadov

Any Supernatural fan will tell you that Jared is the cuter Winchester brother, but what if there were two of him? If we got Alexei Chadov onboard as some long-lost brother with Winchester genes, the series would become popular again! Or maybe not.

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