not exactly surprising these days to see lists on lists of beautiful
Indian women who are praised for their beauty and talent. And it’s
only right, those women worked hard to achieve success and they
deserve all the recognition and praise they’re getting. But what
about men? We feel like specifically Indian men, while definitely
very popular in their own countries, aren’t as widely praised
around the world and we’re here to change that. Here are six
gorgeous Indian actors, you need to check out.

1. Aamir Khan

Khan is a true professional when it comes to acting. He makes sure to
choose his roles wisely and not get pigeonholed into playing the same
character over and over. This results in him playing a different kind
of role in every movie, and you can’t typecast him into just being
just the romantic interest or just the comedian, or worst of all, the
dumb macho guy. His fans adore him for his choices and excitedly
await new movies, which by the way, he’s made it a rule to have at
least one movie a year.

2. Hrithik Roshan

is known as one of the best dancers in Hollywood and we’re pretty
sure that’s why he’s in such an incredible shape even though he’s
46. Women drool just by looking at him and men turn green with envy.
He’s also one of the most talented and well-known actors in
Bollywood. Can you imagine that there was a time when people thought
he was going to remain in his father’s shadow forever?

3. Rana Daggubati

hasn’t quite made it in Bollywood yet but he’s definitely making
waves in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi showbiz. He’s very handsome and
incredibly charismatic, so we can easily see him becoming a Bollywood
heartthrob in Bollywood in the near future. In the meantime, we’ll
keep our fingers crossed and enjoy the movies he has already starred

4. Ram Charan

people love to spread rumors that Ram Charan is only successful in
Telugu show-business thanks to his family and connections, and that’s
how he gets his roles. But we know that’s not true. Look at him,
he’s talented, he’s charming, and he’s absolutely swoon-worthy.
He’s made it to Forbes list of India’s 100 Celebs and he’s also
the proud owner of Most Admired Celebrity Icon Award. He also has won
the Best Actor award 6 times, in case you were doubting his acting

5. Prithviraj

Sukumaran is either the most organized and hardworking person in
cinema or he’s got some secret magic powers he’s not telling us
about. Because at the age of 36 he’s already been in more than a
hundred movies and it honestly seems like he’s been acting since
the day he was born, which is of course not possible. He did get an
early start, but even then, the sheer amount and variety of films
he’s done are dumbfounding. He’s done a fair share of Malayalam
films, but he’s also done some Tamil, Telugu and even worked in
Bollywood too.

6. Dulquer Salmaan

Everyone liked Dulquer to begin with, but after his role in Charlie, it seems like there isn’t a woman on this planet that doesn’t have a crush on him. Not only is he absolutely adorable and obviously very talented, but he’s also a very chill and kind man. He stays away from drama, he’s never been mentioned in any scandal, he likes to keep a low profile and just do his work. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a man like that?

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