Michael Jordan is possibly the most successful and well-known basketball players the NBA has ever seen. Many curious things and events have taken place in Michael’s life, and we’re here to tell you about the most exciting ones.

As a kid, Michael saw his friend drown, and nearly drowned himself in
a basketball camp when he was 11. He is now terrified of water.

Are there any tattoos on Michael’s body? There’s at least one – it’s
the Greek letter “Omega,” symbolizing the “Omega Psi
Phi” fraternity.

Michael’s contract with Nike gets him 80 million dollars every year.

He was the most expensive Chicago Bulls player in the history of the
NBA, earning 35 million dollars per season.

In 1997, Michael developed his clothing brand called “JORDAN.”
Too bad that whole thing lasted only for one year.

Guess who the greatest athlete of the 20th century is, according to
ESPN magazine? Well, of course, it’s Michael Jordan!

“23” is a number that holds a special place in Michael’s
heart. It also brings him luck. But he would still sometimes change
it to 45, which was his brother Larry’s signature number.

Aside from 23 and 45, he was once seen wearing a shirt with the
number 12 in Orlando. This was after the arena staff members stole
his uniform.

Even though Michael is a giant, his parents were both under 175 cm.

In 1997 he got a divorce but had to pay a heavy price – 150 million
dollars! This disaster put him right at the top of the “Most
Expensive Celebrity Divorces” list.

In his very first NBA season, 14% of all his successful shots were
three-pointers, and in his last season, that ratio was boosted to

He competed in three NBA slam dunk competitions and won two of them.

During the 1992 playoff game against the Portland Trail Blazers,
Michael scored 35 points in the first half of the game while sinking
six three-pointers in a row.

I’ve never heard of Sanford and Son, but it’s Michael’s favorite TV

When he checks into a hotel, he uses a fake name of Leroy Smith.
That’s the name of the guy who beat Michael up in tenth grade.

In hotel rooms, he prefers to have the thermostat
set to high because he believes that it will kill
some germs and save him from getting sick.

Before each game, Michael had the same meal: New York steak,
potatoes, salad, and ginger ale.

In 1993, Michael surprised the public by announcing that he’ll be
playing in the Chicago White Sox baseball team. But you probably know
this from watching Space Jam.

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