Momoa is definitely putting
some weird mojo on
all the young ladies, and probably a lot of men. First, we had
Khal Drogo, then Aquaman, and apparently, he is not even
close to being done!
A charming smile, an impressive physique, a beautiful head of hair –
these are just some of his loveable traits in a long list of reasons
his fans are crazy about him.

It’s easy to forget that Momoa hasn’t always been the
hunk of meat we see him today. He went through a lot of stages, both
physical and mental. From the first time, he set his foot on the set
of Baywatch and all the way to becoming one of the coolest depictions
of Aquaman in any medium ever –
it’s not too hard to trace this
evolution, and we’re about to take a look at all those changes.

Do you even remember his early years in Baywatch?

Here’s 2001 Momoa. His hair is almost out. Almost.

Momoa with dreadlocks is the coolest version.

Wait, he was in Stargate: Atlantis? And look at that goatee, oof.

2010 – no more dreadlocks!

This is the look that won him the role of Momoa the Barbarian.

2015 Momoa now has that facial hair his fans cried about.

Nobody else would be able to pull off a velvet suit like the Aquaman himself. Aquaman solo movie, baby!

And how about his recent street style looks?

And here’s Jason casually rocking a tank top to the Golden Globes 2020 event. Gods bless this man.

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