lot of the time when we watch movies or TV shows we like to think
that the actors who play best friends on screen are also besties in
real life. That’s not always true. A lot of the time it’s just a
job and they don’t care about each other and never see each other
again after the show or film is done. Sometimes they don’t get on
at all, and in some cases, they might hate each other. But they’re
actors, so they play the part and awe believe them. However, today
we’re going to share with you some celebrities that met on set and
actually become best friends in real life.

1. Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner

These two became besties on the set of Game Of Thrones where they played sisters Arya and Sansa Stark. They even have a name for their friendship – Mophie. They’re so close they even have matching tattoos that they got to commemorate the day they got cast in the show and when Sophie got engaged she asked Maisie to be her maid of honour.

2. Brad Pitt and George Clooney

Brad and George – possibly the two biggest Hollywood heartthrobs became friends on the set of Ocean’s Eleven. They love pulling pranks on each other and even though they don’t get to see each other a lot they remain good friends. People said that their friendship took a tall when Brad became involved with Angelina Jolie and Clooney believed he was better off with Jennifer Anniston. There’s even a rumor that George is working on setting Brad up with Jennifer again, now that he’s single, but who knows if that’s true?

3. Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz

Some people say that Drew and Cameron met before the filming of Charlie’s Angels even started. Apparently, they just ran into each other in a cafe. But it was on set that they friendship solidified and grew into something big and meaningful. These days they’re so close they call each other sisters.

4. Zach Braff and Donald Faison

two portrayed such a beautiful bromance in Scrubs. But fortunately
for us, it’s not all for show. Zach and Donald just clicked from
the moment they met on set and are friends to this day. Zach was the
best man at Donald’s wedding, they go on vacations together, they
go to red carpets together, they go on double dates. The bromance is

5. Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox

These two met on the set of Friends where they
spent a decade playing roommates and best friends Monica and Rachel.
Their friendship is so real that they have remained BFFS for over 20
years. They’re always there for each other in difficult moments and
they’re also always there to celebrate the victories. That casting
was perfect because they remained friends for life.

6. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio

Many have gossiped that maybe these two at some
point date it and if they haven’t they should get it on, but Kate
and Leo have been friends from the moment they met on the set of
Titanic. And while they portrayed young love beautifully on screen –
in real life they’ve been the best of mates through thick and thin.
They always praise each other in interviews and always support and
root for each other at award shows.

7. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

Ok so technically they met backstage at the MTV
Video Music Awards, but they became friends on the set of Saturday
Night Live. These two have incredible chemistry and the same sense of
humor so it’s always fun to see Jimmy and Justin together. It
doesn’t matter if they’re following a script, improvising or just
hanging out – they will make each other and everyone around them

8. Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato

They met on Disney Channel’s Camp Rock and have been really good friends since. There’s always a lot of rumors when a man and a woman are friends, everyone assumes they’re romantically involved, but Nick and Demi have always denied those rumors. Instead, they were just open with each other about their problems and their reunion after Demi got out of rehab was truly emotional.

9. Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza

two comedy geniuses met on the set of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and
immediately hit it off. They’ve been besties ever since and have so
many hilarious stories to share. Aubrey once even helped Anna buy a
car by confusing the dealer. They also hang out all the time and go
on impromptu vacations together. We stan these funny legends.

10. Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal

Ryan and Jake met on the set of Life and have been best buddies ever since. They had so much fun together that the director of the movie had to sit them down and lecture them about wasting time on set on their jokes. Ryan says that it was just so nice and refreshing to meet someone who’s talented and smart yet feel no competitiveness, just pure friendship.

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