It’s about time to
get your Christmas tree up for the festive season. And while some
people like a traditional green red and gold look to their tree,
Vilnius Airport decided it’s time to spruce (pun intended) it up a
bit and came up with a very original idea for their Christmas tree.
Security personnel made it out of items that could not be carried in
luggage and were therefore taken away from passengers. The Christmas
tree is made up of scissors, lighters, knives and other prohibited
items you shouldn’t take on the plane.

The idea was to
educate people and send a message about the importance of airport
security. The airport staff never wants to confiscate things, in
fact, you always have a chance to leave the prohibited items with
your friends and family. Everyone at the airport just wants your
travels to be as smooth and trouble-free as possible, but if you
break the rules, there’s not much they can do. After all, safety is
their ultimate goal and you can’t argue with that.

If you’re
wondering who came up with such an unusual decoration idea – it was
one of the shift managers. Airport workers see all sort of stuff
during their shift. It seems like when people travel they really want
to take everything with them: knives, screwdrivers, lighters,
scissors, their favorite cheese and cheese knife to go with it,
weapons, toys that imitate weapons, canned foods, way too many
liquids, etc. And unfortunately, people aren’t always attentive
enough or they just don’t read the airport regulations so these
items end up confiscated during the security check and end up staying
at the airport.

Some people even
think you can trick the security by freezing their liquids so that
they can bring more than 100ml containers. However, the security
personnel at Vilnius Airport assures us that this doesn’t work.
Things will melt at least a little and therefore will be confiscated
if they don’t fit in a 100ml container. However, there is some good
news. If you want to bring solid honey with you – you can now. The
regulations on that are changing.

As the holidays
approach, lots of people are going to travel somewhere to visit the
family or just to get away. So let this unique Christmas tree made up
of prohibited items, topped with a start made up of confiscated
cheese knives, be a reminder for you. Check the rights and
regulations on airport websites before you fly. The EU rules are
pretty standard but some non-Eu countries might have some specific

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