you can find alkaline water, which is more expensive than ordinary
water, in almost every store on the planet. Manufacturers promise
that it tastes better and improves your health, unlike regular water.
What is it, a publicity stunt, or is it actually a cure for many of
our illnesses?

is alkaline water?

water is a lot less acidic than that stuff coming out of your tap or
the regular bottled water and contains more alkaline compounds. The
ratio of acid to alkali is determined on a pH scale that ranges from
0 to 14. If the pH is below 7 — it’s an acidic solution, above 7 —
it’s alkaline, equal to 7 — pH neutral.

natural acidity level of the human body is 7.4, which is relatively
well-balanced in itself. Regular water has a pH of 7.

What is alkaline water? | Essential Things You Should Know About Alkaline Water | Brain Berries

Alkaline Water

does water become alkaline? There are several ways. Mineral water
from natural mineral sources contains magnesium, potassium, and
calcium, and it is more soluble than water from other sources. The
various bottled waters sold as “alkaline water” receive
those healing properties naturally (when obtained from mineral
sources) or by filtration, ionization, and mineral addition.

Natural Alkaline Water | Essential Things You Should Know About Alkaline Water | Brain Berries

Water Benefits

is a lot of information on the usefulness of alkaline water. It is
said to saturate the body with moisture and improve physical
performance. Some claim that it can speed up your metabolism and help
lose weight by reducing body fat while also reducing the risk of
cancer, removing toxins from the body, preventing diabetes, treating
psoriasis, and of course, keeping body’s pH in balance.

our kidneys do an excellent job of keeping the pH at the right level,
while decreasing the body’s acidity, most commonly caused by
ingesting the so-called acidic foods – coffee, alcohol, fried
stuff, and dairy. Such food in large quantities causes your internal
organs to work harder to maintain balance. And instead of alkaline
nutrients doing other work in the body (antioxidant or moist
saturation), they are used to balance the pH.

Alkaline Water Benefits | Essential Things You Should Know About Alkaline Water | Brain Berries

To Make Alkaline Water

you are unable to buy alkaline water at a pharmacy or specialty
store, you can make it yourself. Just add 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda
and 1/8 teaspoon of salt to 240 ml of tap water. Slush that mixture
into a bottle and shake it vigorously until the solids dissolve

way to do it is by pouring two liters of filtered water into a jug,
cutting the lemon into 6-8 parts, and putting them in the water
without squeezing. You can also add a spoon of Himalayan salt to help
saturate the water with minerals. Leave the concoction for 8-12 hours
for the best result.

You can also buy a special solution containing concentrated alkaline minerals, which can be added to your regular water. Drink prepared alkaline water in small sips of 3 ml/kg of your body weight. For prevention, have a sip of this potion half an hour before eating, and for ulcers and high acidity – after eating.

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