If there’s one thing that’s possibly
redeeming or dare we say a good thing about this time in quarantine
is that we’re all in this together. We’re all going through it at
the same time. There won’t be a person in the world who doesn’t
know about it or haven’t lived through this. We will never feel
alienated because of this. Wherever you travel after this is over and
done with, you’ll have this knowledge that you have this in common
with people all over the world, even if you don’t speak the

something we can bond over because we all experienced it at the same
time, together. So even though a lot of us are spending time alone
right now, we’re alone together, the whole planet. And you know
what’s interesting? Thinking about how this will affect the world
afterwards. There will definitely be songs about this, think about
it, pandemic jams are going to be a thing. There will for sure be
movies and TV shows made about this and we’ll all be able to
relate. Even now some virus outbreak movies hit differently. And lots
of art is already being created, take a look at these coronavirus
graffiti all over the world.

1. This one has
been created by the graffiti artist Ponywave in LA, USA. The flower
masks are brightening up the whole thing, don’t you think?

2. Another graffiti from LA that says “Cancel Plans Not Humanity”. What a powerful message to remind people to think about others and not be selfish.

3. These two graffitis are from Berlin and LA, and both are about the weird phenomenon of people stocking up on toilet paper and how it became this luxury item that you couldn’t find in stores for days at the beginning of quarantine.

4. An artist in Copenhagen, Denmark drew this interesting blend of Trump, Shreck and the virus all in one. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

5. It’s good to know we’re not losing our sense of humor in such a weird time. Artists in Malmo, Sweden and in the United Kingdom are painting graffiti with jokes about Corona beer. The one with Drake is our favorite.

6. Artist in Barcelona and Amsterdam are showing their appreciation for doctors and nurses by painting them as superheroes and angels who protect all of us and do their best to heal those who got sick.

7. Some graffiti is even being used as a way to spread awareness and give advice. This one of Prince Harry in LA is reminding people to wash their hands and the other one is from Senegal and it’s telling people to cough into their elbow.

8. A bit more appreciation for the doctors in the UK and Germany. As you can see they’ve painted the Superman symbol into the logo of NHS and in Germany, the nurse also is depicted with a Superman logo on her chest.

9. Artist in Norway and Scotland are both thinking about love in the age of a worldwide pandemic and their art reflects that.

10. There are even some very interesting graffitis with a religious subtext in them. Interpret that how you will, but wash your hands and protect yourself and others by wearing a mask, no matter what religion you subscribe to.

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