When we think of conspiracy theories we tend to think of flat earthers, the Illuminati or the moon landing. But of course, conspiracy theorists don’t limit themselves to these topics. They tend to theorise about anything and everything from politics and politicians to UFOs and celebrities. But when it comes to celebrities it’s usually about really legendary ones. Like we’ve all heard a theory that Elvis is still alive or that Michael Jackson faked his funeral just to get away from all the horrible rumours and to retire from the spotlight. Some of these theories are more convincing than others but what we didn’t expect is a rumour about Avril Lavigne dying.

Is Avril Lavigne Dead?

theory of Avril Lavigne being dead originated around 2005.
Apparently, it all started on a Brazillian fan forum and people
bought into the idea that Avril actually died and now instead of her
it’s her double who is pretending to be her and enjoying the
benefits of celebrity life. It sounds crazy but wait will we get into
the actual conspiracy.

Avril Lavigne Conspiracy

there are two different conspiracy theories that start differently
but ultimately lead to the same conclusion. The first one says that
Avril Lavigne was really struggling with life in the spotlight so she
hired a double and would occasionally send her to various events
instead of going herself and eventually she decided to just use her
full time. The other theory says that Avril actually died sometime in
2003 and her management decided to use a double not to lose out on
such a lucrative career perspective.

Avril Lavigne’s Replacement

body double or replacement is apparently called Melissa. Where did
this name come from? Well, this one time Avril, or was it her
replacement, was seen at an event and had Melissa written on her arm
as a secret sign to those who cared or paid attention to show she’s
not actually Avril.

Avril Lavigne’s Doppelganger

do these conspiracy theorists know it’s not Avril and in fact is
Melissa? Well, they say she doesn’t quite look the same. Certain
facial features look different and her style changed a lot. Avril
used to wear tank tops and jeans and the doppelganger prefers dresses
and heels and is generally more girly in both her outfit choices and
makeup. Could this be true or is this just the process of Avril
ageing and growing and changing as a person? Are the conspiracy
theorists onto something or are they just bored people with a very
vivid imagination and a lot of time on their hands?

Avril Lavigne Is Not Dead!

Avril actually responded to the rumour. She says it’s some stupid internet theory and she’s absolutely flabbergasted that anyone believes that kind of stuff. Clearly, people are just bored and need something to talk about so they make this crazy stuff up. You might think that it sounds exactly like something a doppelganger would say but we’re pretty sure that she’s not dead, though.

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