the president of the United States is one of the worst jobs
imaginable, right up there with Assistant Crack Dealer. But being a
former president is a pretty sweet gig. Until the position of
Supreme Overlord of the Multiverse is created — and it’s only a
matter of time — a president has reached their professional peak,
and there’s really nothing left to do but *sigh* get paid millions
to travel around the world giving speeches.

how do you spend that money? If you’re the Obamas, you buy a $11.75
million beachside mansion in Martha’s Vineyard. Purchased in
December 2019, the spacious vacation home — nearly 7000ft²
) — boasts seven bedrooms (one for each day of the week?) eight
bathrooms, a two-car garage (Goodness! Where will they park their
other vehicles?) a swimming pool, and a barn (for their alpacas, we
can only assume). Just in case you aren’t jealous yet, we’ve got
photos of their luxurious vacation home. Let’s take a look.

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