Scars have a bad
reputation. Some people think they’re ugly, a mark left behind
after something bad happened. Just always there, reminding you of a
traumatic experience. But they don’t have to be that. Scars tell a
story. Sometimes it’s a story of you trying to do something and
failing and learning from it. Other times it’s a story of something
that happened to you that could’ve ended Nablus hit you lived to
tell the story. Scars should be seen as just a part of life or a mark
of pride. However, you can (if you want to) diminish their appearance
by covering them with a tattoo. But scars aren’t easy to tattoo
over. And this is where a brilliant solution comes is hand –
incorporate them into a tattoo. Here are some amazing examples of
people working with what they’ve got and being creative with their
scars and tattoos.

A beautiful way to make tiny little scars into small dainty
tattoos of flowers. They don’t even draw attention to themselves,
but once you see them you think “oh that’s lovely”.

2. If you’re a fan
of Star Wars this is always a fun choice. Why not turn an angry red
scar into a tiny Darth Vader with a lightsaber?

Brilliant solution right there. Why cover it when you can just
add to it and make it look intentional? Absolutely genius idea,
especially for wine lovers.

A funny take on a big scar. Love that UFO design that turned
the scar into a light beam.

5. Harry Potter fans out there – here’s a great idea for those who don’t mind being a death eater. There have to be quite a few of those amongst you.

6. A popular choice
for many when it comes to incorporating a scar into a tattoo is to
just turn it into a fishbone. Aren’t those considered lucky or

7. Who doesn’t
love Pokemon, am I right? It’s even cleverer if that actually is a
scar from a burn. Just slap a Charmander on it.

8. We love how not
only has this scar has been turned into a jellyfish, but it even
works really well with the color palette. Scars are usually a bit
pink and making the tattoo all pink and purple really blends the scar
into the design seamlessly.

9. Scars became tree
trunks on this guy’s arm and you would never know they used to be
scars in the first place. Hiding in plain sight is always the best.

10. Ok so this
doesn’t look like a scar, but what a clever take on a birthmark.
Suddenly it looks cool as hell.

11. I mean that is a
uniquely shaped scar, to begin with, it even looked like a carrot
before anything was done to it. So all the tattoo artist had to do
was add a bit of detail and color.

12. Be it a scar,
discolouration or a birthmark, you can always find a creative way to
make it something you’re proud of and an accessory to you instead
of something to hide away under layers of clothes.

13. This unique
moon-shaped scar that must’ve been pretty badass, to begin with but
now with the added tattoo looks absolutely incredible.

14. Another Harry
Potter themed tattoo. We’ve got to admit this is a bold choice but
also it’s a clear sign that the person has accepted their scars and
now found a way to make it a humorous reference to Harry Potter

15. Sometimes you can play with shapes and shadows and we love this swimmer girl idea perfectly executed above the scar.

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