Carpets are usually very beautiful and have intricate patterns that you can stare at for hours. In many countries, carpets are placed on the walls instead of the floor, as they are considered very fashionable and stylish. But in the civilized world, the retro style is slowly dying out, and carpets are being treated as decorative floor rugs. Unusual carpets under your feet can completely change the room, making it more colorful, increasing the space, or vice versa, making it smaller. It all depends on the carpet’s shape, color, and design in general.

Let’s see just how weird the carpets can be!

1. Selva Aparicio’s carved wooden rug

You heard that right. It’s not an actual carpet. Instead, the designer, Selva Aparicio, has created intricate carvings that look like a real rug. This art piece supposedly symbolizes “covering and exposing, trauma and bearing witness,” and possibly, childhood trauma. I can’t even imagine the amount of skill and dedication necessary for this beautiful artwork to come to life.

2. Jason Seife’s acrylic carpets

Watching Jason Seife work on his next masterpiece, you might think: “Why is this guy using a brush on the carpet?” It turns out that he paints the “carpets” with acrylics and ink, carefully drawing intricate Persian designs. His amazing paintings-slash-carpets can be used to decorate any interior!

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