Have you ever looked for #LatinasBeLike hashtag on Insta, Twitter, or Pinterest? If you have, then you know all about how the Internet sees Latinas: crazy girlfriends who will shoot and stab you, run you over with their car, then treat your bleeding wounds and cook you “sorry” dinner. Of course, not all Latinas are like that, but it’s just so hard not to laugh over those memes.
Here are 20 hilarious Latinas Be Like memes that hit too close to home.

You wouldn’t want something bad to happen to your beautiful house, now, would you?

Just like in season 10 of that telenovela where the brother of your mother’s second cousin turned out to be your uncle’s grandfather and your… twin sister?

Needless to say, you gotta be all or nothing with a Latina.

Recognize her superiority, say you’re sorry, stay alive.

Watch out! You’re 1 wrong word is a guaranteed pass to the closest hospital. If you’re lucky that is.


There’s nothing here to add, really.

You know that whole “no means no” thing? Well, it’s like that, but if you’re too persistent you may lose a bit more than just a date.

Crazy would be an understatement.

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