If you like gorgeous photography and you’re also a fan of surreal images that looks super realistic – this Instagram account might be just the perfect blend of things for you. It’s run by Hüseyin Sahin, a Turkish photographer and artist who’s got a knack for surreal photography. Unlike most people, he doesn’t just take photos of beautiful things or unique moments, he uses his camera to capture his ideas and then with the help of editing and layering multiple pictures he creates artworks that look incredibly real, even though you know that couldn’t possibly happen in real life. Many artists and photographers do photo collages and layer their pictures but few do it as well as Hüseyin Sahin. We’d guess that’s why he’s got 378k followers on Instagram. He truly is the master of his art.

1.The actual Flying Dutchman is in the
dock. All aboard the magical ship. Would you go on such a cool ride
if you could? Or would you be too scared? Could be a journey of a
lifetime, but you’d be risking quite a lot.

2.That photo with a hair comb and the
rice fields looks like it could be a painting in a museum, there’s
no doubt about it. But the Halloween vibes in the other photo are
also out of this world. Imagine if you could go on a magical forest
quest on Halloween, you’d hope it looks just like that.

3.Just imagine the adrenaline rush one
would get on a ride like this. And that football field looks like the
ultimate championship location. If you miss the goalpost – the ball
is gone, and you could fall off the cliff. The stakes would be so
much higher.

4.This Big Ben photo is such a work of
art, it just looks like it was always meant to be inside that
mountain. Such a cool concept. And the turtle that is literally
carrying a house on it’s back?

5.If these were real and you had a
choice, which one of these houses would you prefer to live in? A more
tropical Hobbit house next to a waterfall or a warm and sunny house
for one, perfect for introverts?

6.The gelly-mushrooms look like
something Hollywood should jump on. These would look so cool in a
live-action version of The Little Mermaid. And the mushroom house is
still giving us hobbit vibes, but this hobbit would definitely be a

7.The hot air balloon with a staircase
inside is such a cool idea. We love how real the artist made it look
and feel. And the second photo keeps getting more surreal the longer
you stare at it. How deep does that cliff go? What’s at the very
bottom? Are there still houses there? So many questions.

8.Wouldn’t you love to live in a city
that looks like that? It still has modern buildings and roads but
it’s also intertwined with a jungle? And is it just me or is the
other photo also making you think of murder hornets?

9.A tree that’s a portal into a
different world, would you go through? And the floating rock that’s
got a little city on it sounds like something out of a fairy tale.
Can you guess what the artist was referencing here? We spotted a few
sources of inspiration right away.

10.There’s many different themes and styles that Hüseyin Sahin explores in his work, and he’s got a few of these artworks with people that we think you should definitely explore further on his Instagram.

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