Do you ever get a feeling while looking at a picture-perfect photo that it’s not what it seems? Well, guess what, most of the times it actually isn’t! People use all sorts of crazy stunts and tricks to create great-looking photos, and we are not saying they shouldn’t, but sometimes the result is so far from what was really happening on set that it’s just shocking! Not only do photographers use some wicked type of photo-witchery, but they also have an imagination that can turn the most mundane place into a dreamy background of a masterful shot. If you think it all seems like magic, just take a look behind the scenes of some pretty awesome shots. Here are 15 stunning photos taken by the talented Gilmar Silva in the most ordinary places. To view more of his works visit the photographer’s Instagram page.



It seems that post-processing is the key to turning a gorgeous shot into a truly beautiful one. Just look at those bright sunny colours on the second picture! Saturation is important as well.



People rarely think about how photos are actually made – and this is how!



Working in Photoshop, or any other editing software for that matter, is not an easy task. There are so many details you have to consider! You should also carefully choose the picture you want to cut and paste into the actual shot because so many things could go wrong – light angle, colour, brightness, contrast… That’s why this photo is so amazing!

You need to be quite talented (and have a pretty decent lens as well) to turn a woman in flowers into a gorgeous portrait filled with depth and vibrant colours.



You have to be really inventive to take that perfect shot. Some post-editing doesn’t hurt, too!

When it comes to photography, lighting is one of the most important elements that can either ruin the whole shot or turn it into a masterpiece. Just look at the rays of sunlight in this photo!



Shooting couples can become a really fun experience for both parties involved in the process when a photographer has a truly unique vision and is not afraid to try new things.



Oh, the things we do to get that perfect angle! Gilmar Silva is anything but lazy when doing his job. And the shot looks great, too!

If you don’t have a gorgeous landscape nearby – even dry leaves will do! This before-and-after shot is simply breathtaking.



Looking for the right angle may be pretty hard sometimes, but once you’ve got it, the shot turns into a truly beautiful piece of art.

Some people believe that using photo editors like Photoshop is a waste of time, but take a look at the photo below. The difference is striking!



This photo is beautiful, but it’s only when you get the full picture you can really appreciate the work done by the photographer. It’s like magic!



It’s all about creating the right atmosphere for the shot – and you can do it any place you want! Add some mist on top, and voila! You have a truly remarkable photo on your hands.

Sometimes you don’t even have to climb a tree to take a perfect shot. Just put your camera as high as you can!



Playing with lights and all kinds of props is also important if you want to keep your photos interesting and fresh.

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