I’ll admit, I had no idea there was such a thing as digital sculpting. At least not in the way Chad Knight does it. He essentially “photo-shops” his sculptures into a digital landscape, and it looks very amazing. The sculptures look very realistic and I honestly feel like someone with more money than me should make at least some of these happen in real life. I mean, the ones that are physically possible to make, because not all of them are.

Chad is a 41 year old 3D artist. He creates art as a way to ease his “overactive, noisy mind”. He has an Instagram page that you should follow. I mean, if you like his work. No use in following someone whose material you don’t enjoy. It’s a free country. Unless your country isn’t. I shouldn’t assume things about people on the Internet.

Chad’s work has some meaning behind it, too. He tries to use his sculptures as a diary of sorts, and every piece he makes has a representation to something or someone. He tries to constantly improve himself with his art and finds the process of improving to be equally rewarding as finishing a piece of work. It’s exactly that kind of mentality that keeps him at the top of his game and makes his work so much better. This guy is going places.

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