all over the world are going crazy inside of their homes during the
lockdown. Many of us are just cruising through it having a fun time
on the internet; some are catching up on the massive backlog of books
and games that were waiting for an occasion like this one. And then
there’s Casey
a loving and art-savvy mom from Orlando, Florida.

decided that the only way to stay sane in these tough times is to
make the world around her a little bit brighter. Let’s get this
straight: being in quarantine is far from ideal for most of us. You
have to stay at home, all by your lonesome, no friends coming over,
no parties, and so on. Boo-hoo! But on the other hand, you’re
helping your country or at least your city to suppress the virus and
keep it from spreading. And Casey came up with a really catchy way to
remind us of the rules and limitations we need to stick to, while
also creating incredibly fun-looking chalk art, depicting our
favorite Disney characters during the quarantine.

see that stunning sidewalk art!

1. Social distancing is critical. Especially when you’re eating pasta, apparently.

2. How many rolls of toilet paper does a bear need?

3. Great Scott! If they’d known what future awaits us, they’d get a whole truckload of TP instead of that one almanac!

4. It’s for your own good, R2. We don’t wank Luke or Leia catching this nasty virus now, do we?

5. Imagine this is a D&D battle and stay out of melee range.

6. And here is the first stage of quarantine – fear of everything. The virus is everywhere!

7. Stage two is just you looking out the window, waiting for the UFOs to come get you.

8. Stage three is the craziest one. You’ll think, “Hey, why don’t I cut my own hair? It’s easy!” Trust me, it’s not.

9. And then comes anger. You’re pissed at the government, at your cats, at other people, and eventually at yourself.

10. Until one day, you hear on the news that the lockdown has been lifted, and you all can go outside like before! But this time you don’t really want to go outside, because you’ve tasted a better, more simple life, and going back to the office will not be that easy.

11. Comfy!

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