Not many people today are into classical art, where the artists poured their hearts and souls into the vision of the world and actually knew how to paint. If you ask me, we’re reverting back to the stone age cave drawings little by little. But have no fear, all is not lost! During the quarantine, people’s creative ideas are starting to bounce around more often, and some of those creations are worth their weight in gold. Lucky for us, megabytes are weightless but we can still appreciate the effort and concepts. So this one creative agency in Ukraine, called LOOMA, had a fantastic idea: what if we combine popular classic paintings of the old masters with the most topical theme of 2020 – COVID19? 

Ministry of Culture in Ukraine liked this combo so much that they
officially endorsed the agency’s initiative and
started the “Art of Quarantine” ad
social campaign earlier this month. If you look at the artwork
itself, you’ll immediately see why it went viral. It’s all about
being #relatable. And a
bit of controversy.

let’s take a look at those masterpieces, shall we?

Here is Salvi’s Praying Madonna wearing rubber
gloves. Some people actually think that this and
some other concepts are sacrilegious.
One can only wonder why.

Raphael’s Young Man knows that washing hands can save his life.

You can imagine how certain people would
react to seeing Jesus in a mask.

Frederick Leighton’s Orpheus is trying his best to distance himself
from Euridice. 

If Napoleon could actually deliver food to
your house, now that would be amazing.

Da Vinci’s Lady with an Ermine is about to stock up on those
supplies to stay at home for months!

Mrs. Worrell as Hebe by Benjamin West always uses her card, because
it’s safer that way.

I don’t think that the Son of Man fully understands how to wear a
face mask.

9. The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo but with Purel. God is like “Um, I know I, like, created you a minute ago but just to be safe… *squish-squish*”

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