When you look at a famous piece of art in a gallery or a museum, do you often notice little imperfections or mistakes? Probably not, but trust me, even the most legendary artists had bad days and therefore made mistakes.

are seven world-renowned art masterpieces with hidden imperfections.

“The Sistine Madonna” by Raphael

people notice the sixth finger on Pope’s hand as well as the 6th toe
on Madonna’s foot, but in reality, they’re just illusions. If you
look closer, you’ll see that the 6th finger is just a part of his
hand, and the toe is probably a bunion.

“Dinner at Emmaus” by Caravaggio

art connoisseurs believe that not only is the fruit bowl defying the
laws of gravity by sticking out too much and not falling, but also
the fruits in it are all wrong and out of season. If that’s the best
these critics can find, then it’s safe to say no harm was done.

“The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli

all seen this grand painting on poster cards, in movies, or other
media. But have you ever wondered why Botticelli depicted the Greek
goddess of love in such a crude way? Look at that long neck and
swollen feet… it’s as if he was trying to tell us that even
goddesses can be imperfect.

Michelangelo’s David

entire statue was made out of a single block of marble, and
sculpting, as you may have guessed, is hard!
Michelangelo tried his best to make it as anatomically accurate as
possible, but even his keen eye was unable to notice that there is a
muscle missing on David’s back. Big deal!

“Bar in the Foley Berge” by Édouard Manet

pretty clear that the placement of the bottles in the mirror’s
reflection is not 100% accurate, but it’s not that big of a deal.
Well, for us mortals, it’s not. Art critics are probably rolling
their eyes with disgust. Maybe Manet did this on purpose, we don’t
know that.

“The Ninth Wave” by Ivan Aivazovsky

the famous beautiful painting depicting giant waves at the open sea.
I don’t see anything wrong with it. But that’s because I’ve never
seen an ocean wave in my life. As it turns out, the shape of the
waves in the open waters is not the same as those that hit the shore.

Michelangelo’s Moses

Due to the incorrect interpretation of the Bible, Moses got horns instead of what were supposed to be rays coming out of his head. That’s what you get when you use Google Translate.

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