or “borzoi” as they call them in Russia, are natural-born
hunting machines. They are hella fast, agile, and very playful if you
got to know them well. Their main characteristic is, of course, their
zoomies. Thanks to their freakishly long and slender legs, they are
capable of developing speeds of up to 60 km/h in a matter of seconds!

people don’t keep greyhounds in apartments, as these babies need
their freedom to run and hunt in parks or nearby woods. They’re built
for chasing the target in the open, thanks to the elongated shape of
the head, which provides wide-angle vision. Greyhounds are used for
hunting small animals like the aforementioned squirrels, foxes, and
sometimes even wolves.

elegant doggos can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. But
the Internet seems to love them, for some reason, so here are the top
6 most adorable greyhound accounts on Instagram. Go follow these
lovable snoot monsters!

1) Lapsha

is a Canadian borzoi with almost 18,000 followers, who loves goofing
around. Fun fact, “lapsha” means “noodle” in

can see from these photos that she’s no ordinary dog. Also, how long
is that snoot? WOW!

2) Yuria

Japanese beauty named Yuria. How can one not fall in love with her?
Yuria is 12 years old, which is quite substantial for a greyhound.
Her mom, Minako, does her best to keep her baby happy.

matter how cool you are as a dog, you’re only about half as cool as
that cat over there.

3) Gandalf the Grey

big boy from Slovakia is an amazing companion. And he’s only two
years old! He’s got the whole life in front of him. So many tasty
snacks and belly rubs… I envy him.

mom loves his little grey wizard!

4) Apollo

at 14 months, Apollo seems to look like the goofiest dork in the
hood. Just look at that adorable mlem!

blocks are his favorite summer snack. I can definitely relate.

5) Eris

Hello to Madam Eris Overbite, the Queen of Snoots! She’s lucky enough
to have two loving moms <3

is a Russian Wolfhound, which doesn’t necessarily mean she likes
vodka and Putin.

6) Tupelo

is a sweet borzoi with a humongous snoot of epic proportions! Pretty
much like the rest of his cute brethren.

got a loving family, and that’s the most important thing for a dog.

ahead and give him a like!

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