brings all the boys to the yard? That’s right, a lovely pug named
Milkshake. Dog lovers from all over the world have decided to follow
this charming, almost magical pug on Instagram. Thanks to his strange
appearance, the 17-month-old Milkshake steals the hearts of anyone
who lays their eyes on him. The dog was born with pinkish fur, nose,
and paws, as well as a pair of lovely baby-blue eyes, which makes him
stand out among other pups of the same breed.

a dog with over 76 thousand followers on Instagram must be a truly
unique experience for the owner. Its albino-like appearance is the
result of an inherited pigment deficiency. Fortunately, these genetic
changes only affect the color of Milkshake, and in general, the doggo
is in good health.

Milkshake’s owner, is doing her best to please her baby’s fans with
new photos and videos depicting the spoiled and chic lifestyle of the
pug, of which most of us can only dream. But it is worth mentioning
that under all this glamorous facade hides a completely defenseless,
cute little puppy, living a flourishing life in London.

Below you can find some funny pictures of Milkshake, but if you want to see more, you better follow this good boy on Instagram!

1. Here’s Milkshake and his owner, Maria.

2. Everything is pink when it comes to this pug’s birthday.

3. Is this the mythical forest deer?

4. I’ve never seen a cuter koala bear.

5. No idea what this is supposed to be but it’s cute as heck!

6. Panda socks, panda mug, but no panda? Aww.

7. Hey, remember when this meme was alive?

8. I’m gonna go ahead and guess that Milkshake is looking for his sweet Valentine.

9. Look at this beast of a pug!

10. He’ll lick you to death if you underestimate him.

11. And he also takes part in the ediblepets meme shenanigans.

12. And here is the cutest Easter bunny ever!

13. Just look at those glasses. So fancy!

14. Look at this cute little boy with blue eyes in blue sweater. How cute is that?

15. Outdoor junkie!

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